1. At Kenmac we can assist you evaluate your car after we have inspected the car, and if we find anything that needs to be fixed we will inform you (the client) to ensure you get the best value for the car.
  2. We offer full professional cleaning of your vehicle, we clean the vehicle full exterior and interior cleaning including upholstery cleaning before the vehicle goes onto our display section to show the vehicle in its full aesthetic appeal.
  3. Add it to our vehicle stock with all the information about the car you can think of, and also upload some pictures of the car to the ad. It is free and you get a lot of response if the price is reasonable.
  4. We display your vehicle on our sales floor were it can attract the much needed attention.
  5. The car should be spotless in appearance.
  6. Provide all services records before they ask. This shows you have nothing to hide.
  7. Any transaction requires trust. Be honest and kind to anyone looking at the car.

Pres-requisite Documents for vehicles sold at Kenmac

  • Copy or Registration Book
  • Copy of bill of entry and duty receipt
  • Copy of ID of person whose name is on the registration book
  • Affidavit giving Kenmac Motors the mandate to sell the vehicle


  • Jack, Jack Handle, Wheel spanner, Spare wheel


At least quarter tank